I’m safely home in Carmel! Yesterday was a long day of travel, and I’m definitely jet-lagged. I thought I would recap my last few days in Valencia…

Monday morning I went to the famous Central Market, located in the historical district of Valencia. It was a lot like the Market Boqueria in Barcelona with fruit, vegetable, meat, bread, wine, souvenir, and pastry vendors inside the building. Valencia’s market also had street vendors outside selling scarves, jewelry, purses, etc.

Valencia Market

Valencia Market

While in the market, I sampled Valencia’s local drink called “horchata” or “orxata” (in Valencian). This drink seems like it’s made of milk, but it’s actually made from tiger nuts, sugar, and water. Locally it’s often served with fartóns, which are kind of like donuts. They say the drink is an acquired taste, but I actually really enjoyed the horchata. I tried it the next day with melon mixed in – mmmm!


Horchata and fartón

After visiting the market and doing some shopping around Valencia on Monday, I went on a bus tour of the historical district. It was a beautiful day, so I enjoyed riding around the city and learning more about Valencia. Valencia Bus Turistic offered 2 different bus routes around the city, and I took the second “maritime” tour on Tuesday morning. It dropped me off at the Las Arenas beach, where I shopped, took a walk on the beach, and had lunch before heading to the train station to go back to Madrid on Tuesday afternoon.



Las Arenas

Las Arenas

Bull Fighting Ring and Train Station

Bull Fighting Ring and Train Station

My solo Valencia vacation was a great experience… I enjoyed the City of Arts and Sciences, bus tours, market, shopping, and just sitting in cafes reading and drinking a good cup of coffee! I can’t believe my summer in Spain has come to an end… I’m already planning my next trip!


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