Hasta luego, Segovia!

I cannot believe that my 6 weeks in Segovia have come to an end! This summer absolutely flew by, but it’s been an incredible experience! I’ve improved my Spanish, learned a lot about the culture, met people from all over Europe, and made some amazing lifelong friends.

I had a 5 page paper due for each of my classes (Advanced Grammar & European Union) on Tuesday and then exams on Wednesday. Last night, all of the professors, students, and madres got together at a restaurant (El Hidalgo) for a farewell dinner. We all got a little dressed up and had fun chatting with everybody. After that, all of the students went out and spent our last night in Segovia partying till dawn 🙂


Sam, Kayla, James, Steph, Jake, Shelby, Autumn


Farewell dinner: Nathan, Chilina, Steph, Nati


Farewell dinner: Michele, Jessica, James (& Sarah), Olivia, Steph, Autumn


Farewell dinner: Steph & Nati


Farewell dinner: Steph & Marian


Farewell dinner: Nathan, Steph, Marian, Bob


Farewell dinner: Autumn, Sam, Steph, Nathan, Kelcie, Olivia

Steph & Shelby

Steph & Shelby

My awesome host mom, Nati, got me a scarf, a jewelry box, and a special lid so that I can make my own tortillas de patatas! I’m very excited to try it out when I get home!! The next adventure will be attempting to fit everything in my suitcase without being overweight.

Tomorrow morning I leave Segovia and head to Madrid, where I’ll take the AVE (high-speed train) to Valencia in southeastern Spain. I’m traveling on my own for a few days there, and I’m very excited! It’s on the beach and has some neat museums to visit. It should be a great mini vacation before I head back to the states on Wednesday!


1 thought on “Hasta luego, Segovia!

  1. What a wonderful trip you have had! And now you’re off on an adventure by your self. Can’t wait to see your pictures and hear all about you fantastic trip.


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