Today the weather was actually in the 60s-70s (as opposed to the normal high 80s-90s) because of a big rain storm we had in Segovia yesterday. The cooler temperature felt great for a change! This morning our group went on a “mini excursion” to Alcázar, which is the castle 5 minutes away from my apartment. The Alcázar of Segovia is one of the inspirations for the Cinderella Castle in Disney World, along with the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. If you know me you know of my love for Disney, so I was especially excited about this!



You can really see the Disney castle resemblance when looking at the towers!


Alcázar: Autumn, Steph, (James), Shelby

My doctors keep telling me to take a “post-op” picture to put up on their walls to show off my successful hip surgeries. So I decided what better place than Spain? I intentionally wore a DePauw t-shirt to tick off one of my doctors who is a Wabash alum 🙂


Alcázar: Steph walkin' around with good hips!

Alcázar is unique because it is shaped like the bow of a ship. It was built as a stone fortress, but it has also been a royal palace. They think it was constructed around the 12th century. It became most famous during the reign of Isabel I and Ferdinand II, because they lived in the castle. The inside of the castle was almost as spectacular as the outside!


Alcázar: Shelby, Steph, Sarah

We climbed up one of the towers (with a lovely spiral staircase) and got a beautiful view of the city of Segovia!


Alcázar: Entire AHA group!

Although I’m the only one being slightly normal in this picture, here’s one of some of the great friends I’ve made in Segovia! I’m so lucky that I’ve gotten to know such awesome people through the program.


Alcázar: Shelby, Kayla, Jake, Nathan, Steph, James, Autumn

Summer is still going wonderfully – I can’t believe how fast it’s flying by! My program ends July 30, and I’m trying to decide what part of Spain I want to travel to before I fly home on August 3. I’ll update again after visiting El Escorial this Friday. We’re also going to find a way to see Harry Potter this weekend!!


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