Classes, Internship, & Euchre

I don’t have any fun pictures to share this time, but I thought I’d post an update before I leave for Barcelona!! I’m finally feeling MUCH better – I have an appetite and energy again! I’m happy to be back to enjoying Spain.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and this morning (Thursday) I had classes as usual. I feel like I’m actually getting a lot out of my Advanced Grammar class that will help me when I get back to DePauw this fall. In my European Union class, we had to do presentations on the different institutions of the European Union. My teacher (Marian, also the site director) knows I’m interested in law, so my partner and I presented on the Justice Tribunal. Research, PowerPoints, and presentations in Spanish get a little tricky 🙂 It’s been interesting to learn about, however. One thing I’ve noticed here is how educated everybody is (not just professors) on the politics of other European countries and the United States. It’s definitely impressive / inspiring.

This week I also started my internship with la Fundación Don Juan de Borbón. This foundation is basically a music & arts organization that organizes and encourages cultural events around Segovia. Right now they are preparing for a 2 week long musical festival they host, starting on July 18. I’ll get to help out at some of the events, which should be fun! One thing I love about Segovia is that I frequently seem to stumble upon some random street performance or show on a stage set up in one of the plazas. There are always cultural events happening around town, and I’ll get to be a part of that while interning with the foundation! Pretty exciting!

Last night I went with friends for pizza (we were majorly craving American food), and then some of us Midwesterners sat outside one of the many cafes of Segovia and played euchres for several hours. It was a beautiful evening, and we had a lot of fun! The people in the AHA program from Oregon thought the game looked extremely confusing, because most of them had never even heard of Euchre. Us Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan folk set them straight, though 🙂

Tonight I’m leaving for Madrid, because we have an early flight to Barcelona tomorrow morning. I’m staying in an apartment with a couple of other friends – renting an apartment by the night is a popular alternative to hostels around here. We’ll have about 2 1/2 days to enjoy Barcelona, and I cannot wait!! I’ll be sure to update more (with pictures) when I get back Sunday night.


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