El fútbol & la sangria – ¡Qué bueno!

I can’t believe it’s only the evening of Day 4 of my Segovian adventure, considering how much I already love this place!

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to a fútbol game (soccer, for you Americans) with my host mom (Nati), her grandson (Carlos), and her grandson’s girlfriend (Jessie). As I learned yesterday, there are two types of soccer in Spain:  there is the indoor league (5 players, smaller ‘field’) and the outdoor league (11 players, huge field you normally think of when you think of soccer!). Apparently Segovia’s indoor team is pretty good, but their outdoor team not so much! Yesterday’s game was game 4 of a 5 game final series with Barcelona. Segovia won 4-2, so the series is now tied! It was a really exciting game – Nati loved how much I got into the sport… I told her they won because I brought them luck 🙂

Nati y yo al partido del fútbol

With my host mom, Nati, at Segovia's soccer game vs. Barcelona (Segovia won! 4-2)

El equipo de Segovia

Segovia warming up before the game


Some intense fans at the soccer game

Today (Monday) was my first day of classes. Most students in the program are only taking 2 classes for the summer session, and since the classes are an hour and a half each every day and I’m also doing an internship, I decided to cut back to 2 as well! Plus the art class I was going to take is at night, and I clearly need lots of time to explore! 🙂 My grammar class is from 9-10:30; today we just took a test to determine if we’ll be in the intermediate or advanced level. I’m really excited for my other class (Spain and Its Role in the European Union), because it’s taught by our site director, Marian, who is great! That class is from 12:20-1:50, and then it’s time for siesta. Three days a week I will be interning at the bureau of tourism for an hour between my two morning classes.

Onto the fun stuff:  SANGRIA! Oh my goodness. This evening I met up with some friends from my program, and we went to a bar called Oso Blanco to try their legendary sangria. Boy, it did not disappoint! The man that owns the bar made the pitcher right in front of us and showed us all of the ingredients and explained as he was doing it. It’s definitely not like the imitation sangria we make at home (sorry, Dad!). Jesús told us he would give us all his recipe before we leave at the end of the summer.

Sangria ingredients

Sangria ingredients (Oso Blanco)

Sangria ingredients2

Sangria fruit (Oso Blanco)

Sangria glasses

Sangria glasses

Oso Blanco

Sangria with new friends at Oso Blanco

So, as you can tell, I’m still having a wonderful time here in Spain! If you’d like to see more of Segovia, there are other pictures in an album on my Facebook.

Hasta luego,



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