Well, it’s my third day in Segovia, and I’m already in love with the city! It is absolutely gorgeous. I love the cobblestone roads, narrow streets, all of the hills… there is a beautiful view everywhere you look! Streets of SegoviaStreets of SegoviaSaturday morning we all went to orientation at the school, which is less than a 5 minute walk from where I’m staying. We met all of the professors, discussed classes, got cell phones to use locally, talked about excursions and intercambios (conversation hours with Spanish speakers), and then went on a walking tour of the city. Marian (the site director for our university) showed us all of the important areas in Segovia:  la plaza Mayor, the cathedral, the area by the aqueduct, the bank, the post office, some parks, stores we might need to use, a few restaurants, and where to find the best sangria! (Oso Blanco – the polar bear – in case you were wondering! I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet, but I plan on providing a complete analysis of it soon!)




Apartments near the Aqueduct

Apartments near the Aqueduct

Olivia & me in front of the Cathedral in la Plaza Mayor

Olivia & me in front of the Cathedral in la Plaza Mayor

Last night almost our entire group (about 25 / 28 students) went out to a few of the local clubs / bars. It was fun hanging out with each other and getting to talk to some of the locals. But man, can the Spanish party! I live really close to 2 other girls in the program, and when we left to walk home together around 4 am, we got made fun of for leaving early! The streets were still full with people (but it was very “tranquilo” – peaceful & safe).

Two important things I’ve learned so far:

  • I love tortillas españolas. They only have eggs and potatos in them, but they are amazing!
  • The United States needs to adopt the idea of a siestas. Scheduled nap time? Best idea ever. Love it! Everything here shuts down from 2-5 pm. Everyone eats lunch (which is the biggest meal of the day) and then takes a nap. Which is probably how they stay up until 8 am.

Today I’m going to a fútbol game with my host mom Nati, and I think a couple of her grandsons are joining us. It should be a fun afternoon! Apparently it’s a big game for Segovia today. Classes start tomorrow at la universidad. I’m sure I’ll have some more updates & pictures very soon!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Sorry I’m not at home to celebrate with you! Love you.


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